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Technology: Peroxygenases

Technology: Peroxygenases

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Peroxygenases are oxidative enzymes. Biologically they are secreted by fungi to degrade lignin using hydrogen peroxide. There are naturally stable and show, for some synthetic applications, high activity.

In comparison with oxygen-dependent enzymes, peroxygenases do not need a co-factor recycling system (which increase the cost of the process) and do not have limitation by the oxygen transfer: we estimated, comparing intrinsic enzyme parameters, that the peroxygenase processes may provide a 20-fold cost reduction.

For this reason, we strongly believe that peroxygenases are a game-changer for the application of oxidative biocatalytic processes in the chemical industry. Thus, we aim at being your unique partner for lab-scale development (at least) regarding your reaction of interest!

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