The magic of Peroxygenases

Peroxygenases are robust oxidative enzymes that show a broad range of potential applications.

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Towards a more sustainable chemistry

Biobased & biodegradable catalysts that allow to produce “natural” chemicals.

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Our vision: Bring biocatalysis to the chemical industry

We want to apply peroxygenases to catalyze oxyfunctionalisation at industrial scale.

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Enzymes are proteins, produced by all organisms. At HoliZyme, we use them for synthetic purposes applied to the industry. Our uniqueness: we specialize in one particular enzyme family, the peroxygenases.

Market targeted

The vision of HoliZyme is to reach all fields of chemistry, from bulk chemicals to the pharma industry. We propose our platform to a broad range of companies and take special care about the confidentiality of our projects.

Data management

At HoliZyme, we believe data generated during every scientific project has a value, that is why we are developing a model/software to organize and query a database about our current and past projects.

Our Last Achievement

We raised our first grant for the synthetic development of Feed&Food product intermediates. It will kick off the development of our platform and establish the first business case.

About HoliZyme

HoliZyme is a spin-off company from the biotechnology department of TU Delft that aims to develop enzymatic solutions for the industry. Our uniqueness is based on our strong know-how about enzymes, with a focus on peroxygenases that catalyse oxyfunctionalisation reactions. We are currently developing a platform technology, which integrates an enzyme library with efficient data management. We aim to reduce the time and development costs of R&D, from activity detection to scale-up.

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Based in the Netherlands

HoliZyme is established in Delft, well-known for its technical university (TU Delft), one of the highest ranked in the world. It is in this innovative and proactive environment that the idea of HoliZyme was born, at the crossroads of Applied Sciences and Computer Science. TU Delft also has strong connections with startup incubators, which provide us with knowledge and financial support for the development of our concept.

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